I'm Pat Redding Scanlon and I want to be your favorite artist.


Rat Fink artist extraordinaire BIG DADDY ROTH called me
"A CATALYST" and Beauty Bar/Barmacy's DEB PARKER
has called me "NYC’S BEST-KEPT SECRET.”

I do provocative designs for T shirts, posters, tattoos,
product labels.

Most of my best stuff combines lettering and likenesses
(caricature) in a cartoony way. My influences change from
day to day.

I have rich experience in sequential storytelling. I’ve worked at Marvel comics, MTV animation, edited years of syndicated comic strips and pop culture novelty books.

I’ve drawn cartoon maps, super detailed animation backgrounds, worked storyboard corrections in the style of other artists and obsessively choreographed 2D-animated crowd scenes.

I have probably worked on a book project with one of your favorite cartoonists or pop culture personalities.

I’m obsessed with vintage signage and early cartoons. I have done caricatures at parties and have volunteered with school kids to work on murals, auction projects, cartooning and quilt design.

I am expanding into textile design. Yes, I WILL design your tattoo.

My influences change from day to day. Lately most of my creative energies are currently focused on loving and caring for my talented daughter Valentine and my wonderful husband Frank.

Contact me:

If you need unique design or illustration work!
I live and work in New York City.

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Freelance multidisciplinary design. clients include Genuine Motorworks, Indian Larry Motorcycles, Flower Power and HanaHotties. 2006-2014

Animation. MTV , Curious Pictures, Richard Mather Studio. Background design, character design. 1997-2006

Freelance graphics. Event planning. Bartender, chef, deejay, guerrilla art show curator, sign painter. 1995-1996

Managing editor. United Media. Book packaging/editing for Pharos and Topper Books. At the same time, edited syndicated comic strips for United Feature Syndicate and Newspaper

Enterprise Association. 1988-1995

Managing editor, Marvel Comics. Assistant to Larry Hama on military, action/adventure, barbarian sword & sorcery, and funny animal titles. 1984-1988

Before all that, I worked at publishing zines and underground comix, and served ice cream.

I studied at Parsons School of Design and School of Visual Arts.